As soon as you meet me, you will hopefully get an idea that I am obsessed with, and absolutely determined to create a ceremony that is special to you and your partner, not a ceremony that is guided by what other people want your ceremony to be like. I strongly believe this is YOUR day and although you may like to include friends and loved ones in your ceremony, this day is special and unique to YOU as a couple.

Whether it is a traditional wedding ceremony, a fun and unique commitment ceremony, a vow renewal down memory lane, a cute pet wedding or extreme adventure wedding, let me help you and your loved one create a ceremony that is individual to you as a couple.

What, wait…Adventure wedding I hear you say? If you want to be a daredevil and do something extreme like skydiving, abseiling down a cliff or even while swimming with sharks (provided you can still say the little bit of boring, legal stuff we need to say and I’m not too scared to get in the water) whatever it is, I will be of assistance!